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How to Set PUBG Clan Name Easily - Helpful Easy Guide


PUBG Clan Name
You can download PlayersUnknownBattleground PUBG Mobile from Google Play Store for Android devices and From App Store for Apple store. Install it on your device and update it from in game update which does not consume more data.


After that you can set appearance name or username create your appearance in which you can choose gender, skin colour, hairstyle and hair colour. Now you are entered in game lobby but before lobby have to prove which type of player the game totally depend on that where you can choose first time player or you are moderate player or you are  pro player. 

If you select first then the give some tutorial where you can play game from starting. If you select as moderate player then the pubg server directly drop you onto real players where some players are bots on battlefield. And if you select pro player then you are on the battlefield where all players are pro. Before starting a game you have to select team where you want to select you want to play single or in team then you have to select in three categories. Thus categories are Single, Duo or Squad. In a single player mode you are only one who play with ninety-nine other players. 

In a duo mode you can play with partner with forty-nine more duo squad. In squad mode you can play with three players in your squad with other ninety-nine players which are some squads which are duo squad or four man squad. The last man you stand on battlefield is winner of the game and he or she can get a tag of WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. If you are playing single then you have to start match by clicking start button on left top corner on your device screen. If you are playing with squad or duo the you have to wait until your partner players to get read then only a leader of that squad can start the match.

Clan Names For Indians

There are four different maps in pubg mobile game which are as erangle, Miramar, sanhok and the newly launched vikendi  these four maps may also have different cities and they also have  their own environment. every map is unique and have different items and cars. 

Probably the big cities on the map are crowded because more equipment’s are found there so choose your dropping location wisely.  Cars also different in every map not every map have different cars there were same cars but in addition of thus cars there are different cars which are unique. Probably the erangle have a good environment which is moderate, the Miramar have the summer environment, sanhok also have a different environment most probably it have a rainy environment. 

Recently launched map is a vikendi which have a snow fall season or a environment. All four map also contain day and night mode which is totally automatic its depend on the our real time of country. After you start match you can enter into a lobby and wait for small amount of time until that lobby get full where you can wait for another players to join lobby. The lobby gets full when there are hundred players.

After that all hundred players can enter on battleground via aeroplane. You have to jumpoff aeroplane by parachute you can get out of aeroplane by clicking simply jump button on the left middle corner on your device. You have to give proper navigation to your player to land on ground. You can see the different areas on the map which is placed on the top right side corner of your device. You can get out of the plane from starting of landing ground on the map till the end reaches. The plane can kick you automatically out of the plane on the end point of landing area. 

You can choose a city or area on a map where you want to land on ground by using map. The best equipment’s were found in the big cities in a map. Equipment’s may contain lots of elements or a items which are as guns, bag, armours, helmets, heath kits,  energy drinks and syringes. These equipment’s are used for stand over the enemy players and remaining items are used for self developments. You have to explore the city wisely to get equipment’s the rarer eqiupment’s were found in air drop via plane. Its all about you always have to be in a playzone. 

The playzone is big circle on a map which shrinks. It always shrinks on different location the location of shrinking is not depend it changes randomly. The player always have to be in playzone to win the match and get winner winner chicken dinner tag. You can be in playzone by simply walking and running and also by getting cars or bikes. There are many random cars in the maps  which are found in the garages which are present in cities or they are also on the side of the road. You can use use cars which are active there are many dummy cars in maps.
 The guns in battleground have different types which are handguns, automatic riffles, sniffers and also shotguns. There are different types of granites which are hand granite, stun  granite and smoke granite which also have different type of abilities hand granites were  used for killing players. Smoke granites were used for smoke anywhere on the ground. Most probably smoke granites are used for reviving our supporting players. 

When you and your supporting squad member in the smoke you are invisible to enemy players you can revive your squad member the duration of smoke is fixed so have limited amount of time for reviving your squad member. The stun granite is used for stunning a enemy players if the enemy player in the zone of stun granite then that enemy player may stun for some amount of time the time of stun is fixed. Each and every gun in pubg mobile may have different working ability. The hand guns were easily found in houses and shades also they have low power compared to another guns.

The automatic riffles were also found in houses and shades. This is fastest as compared to another guns and also have high amount of damage but damage is low as compared to rare guns which are very rare and they are only found in air drop. Cars also found in air drops if you are out of the playzone.. Third type of gun is sniffer which have highest amount of damage they are only used for shooting long range target.

For shooting long rang you have scopes there are different type of scopes which are Red dot, holographic scope, 2X, 3X, 4X, 6X, 8X. The red dot, holographic scope, 2X and 3X is mostly used for automatic riffles and all the remaining scopes are used for sniffers. The red dot, holographic sight, 2X and 3X have limited range so they are used in automatic riffles for shooting enemy players which are near to you on geographical location. Remaining all 4X, 6X and 8X is used in sniffers for shooting enemy players which are away from you which are far away from you geographically. 

You can also use 6X as 3X and 8X as 4X by just adjusting the scope or you can decrease the range of scope. The 6X and 8X scope have longest range, you can see player which is far away from you. You can shoot down enemy players from long distance by using sniffer and a good scope. There is a gun called flare gun by which you can call air drop to equip rare items. You can simply fire flare gun in sky and the air drop can be dropped on that flare which is flared by you the air drop is dropped by the plane. 

But the flare gun is very rare and is very difficult to found. The cars found in the air drop are unique in nature thus cars are from another maps that are them unique from another cars which are pre-placed in that map. There is only two type of rare gun Aug and Groza which is very stable and also have very high speed on firing and also have high damage compared to other automatic riffle.

PUBG Clan Names with Symbols

There are some type of items which are used for self developments which are fisted, bandages, pain killer and energy drink. Thus items are used for heeling your player on battleground. The painkiller can boost your player or it help your player to be active in game or battlefield. You can boost your player on battlefield whenever you want or you  can heel player when the player get weak. The gameplay is very simple you have only one task to do on battlefield is you have to kill or shoot down enemy player on the battlefield and stand alone or with your squad members. 

Do what you want you have only one above one task to do on battlefield. You can run on the battleground, you can crunch on ground and you also jump on the battlefield. You can also hide your player behind any obstacles on the battlefield. You can also swim in the river which is in the map. Simply you have to do all above tasks and have to stand alone for winning tag.

When you win you get a tag of the winner winner chicken dinner and you can also find surprising items by winning game. You can set controls of you device which are pre-defined or you can simply customize controllers which suits you or you can play better by that controller.

 The setting of controller is in the setting and in control setting you can have choice of  three different type of control layout you can choose anyone which you want. You can also customize all pubg mobile game by accessing settings in setting. There is also display and graphics setting in the setting where you can choose graphics which suits your device the pubg mobile game also run on extreme graphics mode. 

But the setting totally depend on the device on which you are playing pubg mobile game. You can also change your pick up setting also when your pubg mobile is on by default setting the pickup is on auto pick up mode where player can pick up items automatically. There is more settings are available in pubg mobile game. So explore the game set the setting which you want.

The cloths were found in boxes which are collected by playing games and completing tasks. You can also purchase the crates by visiting crates shop in the game in the crates you can purchase the clothing items randomly if you are lucky then you may get good stuff to were. There are many types of crates present in the crate shop. There is another way to wear good stuff by purchasing Royale pass by visiting royale pass section in pubg mobile game which is middle of right corner.  Royale pass were purchased by investing real money. You can use or get amazing stuff by purchasing royale pass and also good clothing items. There

 may also have limited time events to play which comes on special festivals and events. The newly launched event is vampire mode in which you have to kill vampire by using guns or any item after killing vampire you can get item collect them from vampires dead bodies the capacity of bags are increased because the bullets  were more  used on vampire. The event also gives use amazing surprises by completing simple tasks. There are different tiers on which you play which are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crown, ace and conqueror. Each and every tier may contain five tiers you can step in above division of the tier by playing on thus five tiers. Each tier can also give a season reward by completing some task  which are done easily.

 In pubg mobile there are two modes on which you play thus are TPP and FPP. TPP is third person perspective in which you can see behind yourself or you can rotate your player to 360 degree. The FPP mode is a first person perspective in which you can only two sides or it can only rotated 180 degree. You can also create clan for your pubg mates or your friends by which you can complete tasks and earn rewards. 

Each and every clan member can complete the task and earn rewards. There is also event section in the bottom right corner which contain events for limited amount of time or for only single day which gives good rewards. The pubg mobile game also have daily and weekly activity section in game which contain the list of activities which we have to complete daily or weekly. The pubg mobile is currently on season 5.each season of pubg mobile game lasts for ninety days which is generally lasts for three months.  

Beyond this you can also take parts in different tournament’s which are organised by individuals or by the organizations the tournament also have huge amount  prize pool by which you can fulfil your dreams PlayersUnknownBattleground (PUBG) mobile is not only game its an opportunity.            

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